MN Early Learning Resource Site

I revised the site discussed in this post with an uncluttered, clean design in order to make the content even easier to find at a glance. It worked.

I revised this site in order to make the content easier to get to quickly and create a cleaner look.

On the old site I had some opportunities on the homepage to add more categories to part of the page that was just empty.

In this particular situation it seemed like it made sense to change the category list on the homepage into squares instead of using a list that left half of the page blank. Don’t get wrong I like open space but here it didn’t seem to be helping.

Website homepage with some empty space highlighted with the words saying "A whole lot of empty space!"
The old resource site had a lot of space to add more categories on the homepage.

I also got rid of the styling that makes the tags change size depending on how many times they’ve been used.

It’s sort of cool to have different sized fonts that correlate to the tag’s popularity but it didn’t actually help the site navigation in this case. So, I made all the font the same size.

The site is still set up like it was before.

It’s set up so that you enter the URL for the resource as a post title and then that URL populates parts of site I need it to dynamically. The homepage shows a list of topics. It’s easy to find what you need at a glance.

It’s been really handy. We use it at work all the time.